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Entry #118

Third scout's the charm?

3/17/14 by Spunky6666

Scouted again.  Hopefully this time it lasts more than month.  Time will tell...


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The scouting system isn't affected by how much work you do, or what's going on in the Flash portal. It's just the quality of your work - it's not mean't to have a conscience.

3/21/14 Spunky6666 responds:

So why doesn't the flash portal work that way? And I'm not asking that accusingly, I don't get why they'd use two different systems for similar concepts on the same website, with one of them much less forgiving than the other.

Still no, sorry. It's getting there, but I think the guy who scouted you has some dodgy art, and scouts lots of people.

I hope you do get a scout eventually, though.

3/17/14 Spunky6666 responds:

Great, thanks. This system is silly. I put more work in to these drawings than a lot of people who have flash posted do. I mean, there's a genre for spam in the portal.

Nothing against you personally obviously, just... wow.