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Entry #118

Third scout's the charm?

2014-03-17 21:11:10 by Spunky6666

Scouted again.  Hopefully this time it lasts more than month.  Time will tell...


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2014-03-17 21:47:38

Still no, sorry. It's getting there, but I think the guy who scouted you has some dodgy art, and scouts lots of people.

I hope you do get a scout eventually, though.

Spunky6666 responds:

Great, thanks. This system is silly. I put more work in to these drawings than a lot of people who have flash posted do. I mean, there's a genre for spam in the portal.

Nothing against you personally obviously, just... wow.


2014-03-18 05:50:21

The scouting system isn't affected by how much work you do, or what's going on in the Flash portal. It's just the quality of your work - it's not mean't to have a conscience.

Spunky6666 responds:

So why doesn't the flash portal work that way? And I'm not asking that accusingly, I don't get why they'd use two different systems for similar concepts on the same website, with one of them much less forgiving than the other.